Our Teachers

[typography font=”Yanone Kaffeesatz” size=”28″ size_format=”px” color=”#874716″]Our Esteemed Teachers[/typography]

(With many more to come inshaAllah)

And as I go along the way,
I come across a man,
Who stands upon a leafy path
Extending out his hand.

I’m drawn unto his honest face
And take his hand, when he
Bestows on me the sweetest grace
A smile could ever be.

And through the wilds he leads me on
This path he knows so well,
And teaches me a word that helps
All kinds of harm repel.

He warns against the bramble rose
And snare of mossy bough,
But tells me of the leaf that blows
Yet finds its way somehow.

And when we stop to rest a while
He shares with me a spread
Of nectar words for drink, and soft
Remembrances for bread.

I ask him whence this blessing came
Of which he tells me more
Of all the good and mighty men
Who’d come and gone before.

Then on we tread this path of peace,
He never leaves my hand
However sharp the cut of wind
Or treacherous the land,

We travel on until we hear
The babble of a stream
And find ourselves so very near
The waters of a dream.

And here my teacher leaves my hand
Commanding me to cross;
Although prepared for this command,
I dread the coming loss.

He looks into my mournful eyes,
Assurance in his own,
Which helps to make my courage rise
To face this stream alone….


(Naqa would like to thank KM for  his inspiring verses)

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