Disengage to engage…Engage to connect

Muhammed pubh blog…Perhaps it is time to contemplate on the states of our communities that we live in , and take so much from, often the distinction between apparency and reality is but a blur to most of us. It is time to break down the barriers to the attainment of true knowledge within our communities? People of knowledge tell us that the greatest barrier in these times is a deviance from the beautiful prophetic character that was the adornment of his great companions. To revive beautiful character that is the essence of this religion, requires the infusion of the truth into our communities. To connect with the truth one must disengage with apparency and engage with reality, only then can our current state of denial be replaced with self-realization.Achieving this requires knowledge, given the times we live in.  We are in dire need of those who possess this light, the real inheritors of the truth, to enlighten us so we can grasp the present and plan for the future of our communities. Let us strive to recreate that atmosphere of excellence, to move from apparent light to the light of purity. After all, this was the mission of the final messenger… “I have been sent to perfect good character.” Muhammed (pbuh) Imam Malik : Muwatta 1614