Expression of Love

Expression-of-LoveAn Expression of Love for the Messenger (saw)

Inspire your children to expresses their love for the Messenger(saw), get them to paint, draw, sketch,colour, splash paint, finger pain, design, craft…you get the message…or anything else that you or they can think of to express their love for the messenger (saw). The deadline for entries is June 2015.

Registration required, please register using the link more details will be announced at our next event InshaAllah, but best get them started.

The Rules:

No limits on the number of  entries per child.

12 yrs or younger.

No restrictions on the format other than it should be A4 size.

Submission should be dry when handed in.

Names of the artist and age should be written (in PEN) by the parent, on the reverse of the submission.

Entries will be uploaded to our website.

Well that’s it, get them started

Contact us if you have any questions.

Expression of Love...

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