Friday  27th October 6-8 pm pm New Horizon School

Its here!… NAQA in association with The ARK Academy is delighted to present “Tajweed*” for beginners taught by Shaykh Saad Al-Attas.

(“Tajweed” Elocution-Refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur’an).
 Learn to read the Holy Qur’an Perfectly and Correctly.
No prior knowledge of Arabic is necessary
Course open to Brother and Sisters.
Join us  for an open day. Shaykh Saad will be present, sample the books and app.
  • Step by Step guidance.
  • Easy & Comprehensive.
  • 10 week semesters.
  • Written and Verbal “Ijazah” (authorisation to teach others).
  • Course material provided.

  • Semester 1 Tajweed Untangled
  • Semester 2 Practical Qaida 1&2
  • Semester 3 Practical Qaida 3&4
  • Semester 4 Practical Qaida 4&6
  • Semester 5  Quran.
Please register your interest using the form below,  if you have any questions please email service@naqa.org.uk

Tajweed Semester 2

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