Love for the Messenger


Q-“How doe one inculcate love for the Messenger (saw) in his or her heart?

Ps: keen on simple solutions rather than complex rituals or waking up at 2 am to pray”

Shaykh Haroon steers this beautiful discussion on inculcating love for the messenger, the method the benefits and rewards. He uses his though provoking metaphors  to stimulate our slumbering  minds. An interesting one at  5:44… for tea lovers…

Length 14 Min

Understanding Chains of transmission

Chains of transmission

Shaykh Haroon Hanif answers a question at the Q&A session of the “Tafseer of the short Chapters of the Quran”.

Q:We often hear the terms “chains of transmission” the “golden chain” ect please would you enlighten me on why we need chains of transmission, why not a learned scholars opinion on its own rather than his teacher and their teachers ect…?

Lemgth: 16:29